Automated Door Openers in Andover

Garage doors play an important role in both commercial premises and residential homes. As such, it is important that they are subjected to regular maintenance and repair to enhance their efficiency and increase their lifespans. The maintenance and repair are best carried out by Andover Garage Door trained technicians to ensure that your door gets high-quality services. Andover Garage Door offers the following garage door services:

Garage Door Openers

If you don’t like heavy garage doors because of how they are difficult to open the garage door opener is your solution. If you are having a garage opener problem or you need to install a new one, then contact us for free estimates. If you are using older models, you can think of changing them with new models featuring battery backup systems that enable you to operate them without any interruption during a power outage.

Garage Keypad Installation

Garage keypad is used for the outer part of the doors. It allows you to use a password to open the garage door automatically. It helps secure your garage and also allow access only to people with a password. When you are choosing a garage door keypad, you can select a wired one or wireless. To get the best out of your opener, it’s recommended using wireless keyless entry. Contact Andover garage door for any installation services.

Garage Remote Operation

There are times that remotes can get lost since these are small pieces that can easily be misplaced or your pets can run away with it. Andover Garage Door will help you replace your garage door opener remote. As you do not know when security can be broken when the garage is manually operated, it is also a troublesome day when you cannot open the garage with your effort.

Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors, unlike lasers, mount on the wall you approach when you park in your garage. With these, you simply preset the distance between your bumper and the sensor. Then, as you approach, the sensor will tell you when to stop. Some models even act like a stoplight, with a yellow caution lamp, followed by a red stop lamp. Contact us for proximity Sensors installation in Andover, KS, and surrounding area. We will add motion sensors to your garage lights, so they come on as soon as you open the door, and this will improve the security of your garage.

Contact Andover Garage Doors

We use safer and best quality products to repair commercial and residential garage doors. If there is any spring related problem, then you should consult our qualified professional service technician. We provide a complete safety inspection of your garage doors, replacement of defective bolts and nuts, lubrication of rollers and adjustments of springs. So if you have any problem related to garage doors repair then consult Andover Garage Door services for high quality, durable, and affordable services.

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